Rencana Pengembangan Bisnis Herona Express

Ajeng Denia Putri, Suwandi Suwandi


This business plan aims to identify, analyze and develop the business strategy of Herona Express related to freight forwarding services, branch brand image and airline cooperation in its development. This business plan uses internal SWOT, TOWS RBV and VRIO analysis and external porter analysis's five models and Pestel analysis. This business plan explains how Herona Express will develop its business by adding services and branch brand image and cooperate with airlines so that the income that will be obtained will increase. It is expected that the business development plan produced can help its development for the next five years. This business development plan is projected with a payback period for 0.5 years or for 6.5 months and an IRR of 100%. This business development plan shows that business development is profitable and feasible to run.


Business Plan, Herona Express, Goods delivery service, Business worthed.


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