The Influence of the Korean Wave Phenomenon on Male Customer Purchase Decisions for Korean Skincare Products in Indonesia

Christhalia Gabriela Muskitta, Tessalonika Ade Ersanti Inkracht Ulaen, Christian Haposan Pangaribuan


This study aims to experimentally analyze how the Korean wave affects male customers' decisions to buy Korean skincare products. The hypotheses, investigations of the Korean wave, and four variables—the Korean wave, brand trust, celebrity worship, and consumer purchasing decision—were all identified by a thorough literature review. Data are gathered through a nationwide, male-focused online survey distributed throughout Indonesia. Factor analysis and multiple regression analysis are carried out to determine how the Korean wave is related to consumer buying decisions. The findings show that the Korean wave has a considerable impact on brand trust and celebrity worship and these two variables have a positive significant impact on purchasing decisions. Although not statistically significant, the Korean wave was shown to have a positive influence on buying decisions. The study finishes with the research's practical implications.


Korean wave ; Korean Skincare Product ; Brand Trust ; Celebrity Worship ; Male Customer Purchase Decision


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