Perception of young people toward their traditional food

Wahyudi David, Charles Darwin


To explore the potential of traditional food and foster the nutrition awareness, the perception of young people toward their traditional food is becoming important. Young generation is a potential market for fast food vendors. Young people has characteristic to changes and has specific preference in appetite and style. The objective of this study is to look the awareness of young people for their food preference including their traditional food. This is self-assessment of local youth to their traditional food. Observation and in-depth interview were used to collect data. Fifty-four respondents consist of twenty-nine male and twenty-four female from two demographic backgrounds were interviewed on their experiences and opinions toward their traditional food. Fourteen questions were asked. The respondent age are ranged between 17-24 years old. The substantial findings of the survey include the fact that young people more concern about the nutrition of food compare to perception of the favourite food. There are also no evident there is a different of food-related health concern between two different demographic background.

Keywords— Perception of young people, Food Culture, Psychology



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