Establishment of Rural Enterprises Using Multi-Commodity Solar Tunnel Dryer through the Application of Social Laboratory Concept as a Sustainable Technology Transfer Strategy in the Philippines

Helen Martinez, Priscilla Castillo, Danilo Gamalog


The social laboratoryconcept as a sustainable technology transfer strategy was developed andapplied  in the establishment of ruralenterprises using the multi-commodity solar tunnel dryer (MCSTD. This is inorder to improve productivity and income of micro-enterprises engaged inprocessing and drying of agricultural and fishery products. First, the roles ofstakeholders and resources needed to hasten the adoption of MCSTD wereestablished. Coaching and mentoring of new MCSTD adopters followed to strengthentheir technical capability on proper drying of agricultural products, theoperation of the solar dryer, and on managing their businesses.  Finally, the enterprises were monitored interms of technical, socio-economic, financial viability, and their contributionto the community. Results showed that the social laboratory concept was aneffective technology transfer strategy. It played major role in theestablishment of new MCSTD-based enterprises in the different regions in thePhilippines.  A total of 15 newenterprises were established and 3 of the enterprises were found to betechnically, economically and financially viable. The use of MCSTD generatedincome for the enterprises, facilitated the creation of new enterprise,introduced unique products in the market, and increased demand of rawmaterials. Moreover, the solar drying technology was found very technicallyefficient, cost efficient, environmentally sound generating employment forpeople in the community.

Keywords – solar drying, social laboratory, technology transfer, rural enterprise.

**Additional information article available at page 36-40 Vol.2 No.3


Martinez, H., Hipolito, A., Malanon, H., Estigoy, R. 2008. Improving productivity of small scale entrepreneurs through the adoption of multi-commodity solar tunnel dryer: The case of KMNE. 3: 149-174.

Martinez, H. 2012 Development of micro enterprises using PHilMech’s multi-commodity solar tunnel dryer. Thesis Central Luzon State University, Philippines

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