Dietary pattern on elderly patient with hypertension : a qualitative analysis

Wahyudi David, Charles Darwin


many studies have been revealed that hypertension in elderly patient has significant factor in mortality. The non-drug treatment has been arisen since there are many complication drugs usage on this age. One of treatment which related to the hypertension is the lifestyle or dietary pattern. The qualitative analysis was performed to understand the multifactor of hypertension in elderly patient. Eighteen of elderly women with hypertension have been observed to understand how the dietary pattern influences the profile of hypertension of elderly patient. The patient age are ranged 56-84 years old. The substantial findings of this study include the fact that the more elderly concern on their eating behaviour, the more they could maintain their normal blood pressure. There are an evidence that patient has higher vegetable intake could reduce their high blood pressure constantly. However, stress and physiological condition of patient may stimulate the blood pressure in several cases.

KeywordsDietary pattern, hypertension elderly patient, qualitative analysis


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