Determination of designing and operating parameters of circulating concurrent-flow rapeseed dryer

Le Anh Duc


This study aimed to investigate the designing and operating parameters of the circulating concurrent-flow dryer for rapeseed drying, such as drying section height, airflow rate, grain flow velocity, and drying air temperature, to meet the dryer performance in the best performance conditions, minimum cost, and the quality of seed. The simulation program which exhibited good fitness with experimental data performing on a pilot scale concurrent-flow dryer 200 kg a batch was used in this study. The results showed that the optimal parameters of drying section height, air flow rate, grain flow velocity and drying air temperature were found at 0.52 m, 30 cmm m–2, 5.5 m h–1, and 115oC, respectively. At these conditions, corresponding drying rate reached 3.01 %,w.b., fuel energy consumption was 4977 kJ kg–1 water, and germination rate was 94.5%.


Keywordsrapeseed, drying section height, airflow rate, grain flow velocity, drying air temperature.



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